Sharing Knowledge vs. Burning Books

I’m reading the book “The Story of Light” by Ben Bova.  Amazing stuff.  It starts from the big bang and takes you through the journey of our galaxy, solar system, earth creation, to us humans and our scientific discoveries.  One of those books that just keeps messing with your grasp of whats possible.  I love that stuff.

Came across a passage that had a potent relevance to my artistic creations and wanted to share it.

“In the world of science there is an old maxim: publish or perish.  This means that if a scientist does not publish papers describing his or her research, the scientist will not gain the recognition of his or her peers.  No recognition means not only that the work itself will be ignored; It also means no promotions, no funding to continue the work, and ultimately, no career in science.” pg 129

If the thousand or so years of the scientific method and what ever wisdom we’ve be able to salvage from the ages tells us anything, it’s that we’ve got to keep publishing.  We’ve got to keep making our things.  What ever it might be for you, make it.  Make as many of them as you can.  And put it where someone can find it.  Think like an ancient Egyptian and you might make something awe-inspiring that could still be standing five thousand years from now.


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