In the presence of a King

Saw B.B. King for the first time over the weekend and all I can say is…


There’s a reason why this man is a legend.  As the old saying goes, B.B. can say more with one note than most can do with one hundred.

And I’m here to give my testimony that this is absolutely true.

A couple of years ago my mom went to see him and left me a voice mail from the show.  She said “Johnny he’s amazing, I wish you were here” and held up the phone.  Now this is usually the point where it sounds like there’s 1000 machine guns shooting at 10,000 tanks destroying a whole city type of noise right?

Nope, the audio was clear, I could hear his playing.

The moment I caught, the band was breaking down.  He did this really emotional guitar lead building up to one long, beautifully sustained note.  That guitar solo over the phone sent chills down my spine.  It was a big moment for me in understanding why space, in music, can play an important role in making those moments happen.

Seeing him in person is taking the whole phone thing to the moon.  It’s awe-inspiring.

On a technical level is voice is still amazing!  Every note was hit with crystal precision and more passion than I’ve seen from almost any performer ever.  Any time period, any style, you name it, he’s not only on the level, he’s over it and on to some zen like place.

His guitar work is just as powerful.  His guitar, Lucille, has a tone that’s full and warm. When it hits you for the first time in the night, the only way I can describe it is a giant sensation wave.

All of that amazing technical skill was topped off with many stories of humorous moments and lessons learned.  You get this great blend between amazing music, comedy and spoken words, it’s a very unique and it leaves you feeling like you’ve experienced something really special.

His band was tight.  The horns were crisp and on point.  The drummer had mad skills and the guitar player had a great personality, moving around and feeling the playing.

The show was supposed to stop at 10:30 but they just kept going.  The atmosphere on stage was just a big party of loving family and friends.  He had his daughters and granddaughter come out to say hi, people were hanging on the side stage, everyone one was having a blast.  On stage and out in the crowd as well

Overall, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

If you haven’t seen him, do yourself a favor and go


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