The love you take = The love you make

Looks like the problem we face with people fixing themselves with technology hasn’t been a recent one.  You may get pissed about auto tune or fake musicians but in the end, the ones who will last will be the folks who really got it.

or should I say,

“And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make

Beatles Interview: Chicago 8/20/1965

Q: “We have with us George Harrison in the basement of Comiskey Park in Chicago. George, at the taping last week of your show, I was concerned about whether you would do one song– ‘Help!’ and you did it. And the quality of the song in-person, in contrast to the recording, was just so fantastic. I just couldn’t believe it. Did the Beatles have problems perfecting a stage sound?”

GEORGE: “No. We’ve never had much trouble, because right from the beginning when we started recording, we’d just record in one take. You know, things like ‘Twist And Shout’ and ‘Saw Her Standing There,’ which were all on our first album in England – we just turned the recorder on. We got a sound balance in the studio – just put the tape on and did it like that. So we never did any of this overdubbing or adding orchestras or anything like that. It’s only recently where we’ve been using a bit of overdub stuff. We’ve added things like tambourine, which you don’t notice, you know. Because we still like to think we can get basically the same sound on stage.”

Q: You always see these groups who appear on television, and the sound is so different from the sound you hear on a recording.”

GEORGE: “Yeah.”


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