Math is NOT a universal language… But I do know one that is

It’s contradictory from what intelligent folks might say, but it’s true

Math is not a universal language.

X = 3.2

hmmmm…  what could X be?

Well if I was an alien civilization, a remote tribe, or hell maybe even someone who hasn’t learned math yet, the first step is probably wondering what the F + 2 do these funky symbols mean?

And after they figured them out, how many things across the universe could 3.2 represent?  It could take an eternity to find the answer, if it’s even possible. (Thinking about the hieroglyphs..  without the Rosetta Stone, we made have never deciphered them.)

Math actually requires a second language, like english for example, to explain what the parts of the equations represent.

It’s not a universal language, but elegant way to make accurate predictions about the flow and mechanics of nature and the things we make from it.

The true universal language is actually nature itself.  The frequencies that make up sound, light, electricity, ect.  There’s no explanation needed for experience.  When a sound wave hits your ears, or a light wave hits your eyes, your organs automatically translate it.

A lute from 1,500 years ago would sound the same then as it does now.  And a person from either era could hear the melodies and rhythms of their space/time counterparts instantly.

What’s specifically powerful about that kind of communication is that

the substance of the frequencies transfers data.

Think of all the information you get when light hits your surroundings.

See an audience member brought to tears by a captivating artist playing a beautiful piano piece.

You can uplift the spirit with the stomp of the feet and a howl of the lungs.    It’s a language all humans have been speaking continuously from our beginnings.  The language of the universe.


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