Hiphop producers need to know where The Bar is

By now we all know at least a few…

I’m one..  You might even be one yourself.

I’m talking about the producers makin’ those beats.

Through the studio, I’ve gotten a chance to work with many Hiphop and Rap artists.

Grandmaster Flash

and I love the lyricism, soul, sound, inventiveness, and the history of Hiphop.

But one thing has been really buggin’ me for a while now…

At least 90% of the time they come in with beats that are basically four bars of garbage looping over and over again.

The mix sounds like butt, there’s no structure for an arrangement, no melodic or rhythmic growth and to be honest, it’s just boring.

And even if the beat is kinda sick, its usually cause there’s an underlying jazz or soul riff that is keeping the thing together.  And that was hard work from a group of people who knew the meaning of swinging to the moon on a tune.

But the thing is, anybody can listen to a song and say.. hey that part sounds cool.

Looping that over and over and over again does NOT make you a genius.  Actually these days, with the ease of technology, it probably wont even impress a 10 year old.

To add insult to injury they call themselves “Producers”.  Laughing Club

A few here and there got it… but most of these jokers just have us laughing

<<< see Laughing Club for more details

Creating a simplistic musical backdrop is not being a producer.

That’s the modern day equivalent to the Backing Band or sesh cats.

A producer directs the artist, the band and the flow of the song.  It’s his or her job to make sure the creative vision is met and exceeded.

If you just make a beat and are not working with the artist to get the best take of the song and vision, then you’re not even in the right game.  It’s like you showed up to the basketball court with a soccer ball.

And just for the re-e-re-e-record… The popular name “beat” doesn’t even make sense because it’s expected to contain much more than just a rhythmic element

Now I know it’s kinda harsh, but wake up moflows.  The progression of this music started in the gospel church.  Then formed into Blues and Jazz.  It turned into soul and r&b and rock and funk and countless others and then into hiphop.

James BrownThe foundations on which this style is built with such greatness, it’s almost pointless to try and describe it here.  It demands a lifetime of exploration and experience to appreciate it’s glory.

All the countless giants who came before us pushed themselves to the brink of their creative existence to give us a whisper of the cosmic song.

ATTENTION: That’s the bar.  

Anyone below it needs to step their game up.  That’s def me, it’s probably you and pretty much just about everyone we know


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