If it’s too loud, you’re too old… or maybe the soundman’s just a jerk

It’s insanely loud at way too many shows.  

I don’t believe it has any relation to my age because I do enjoy harder music sometimes.


I’m talking about the piercing pain threshold that a venues’ exploding sound system seems to dance around.  

If you notice the soundman, controller of the giggawatts* amplitubes* and general fury, is typically wearing earplugs.  

That’s nice that he’s protecting his ears from the onslaught of sound he’s just unleashed onto the rest of the unsuspecting folks who just wanted to have a good time.  

Thanks dinglebat

If you see the guy in corner with the bleeding ears, that probably just means he’s wants to rock even harder.  

seriously though, 

One side effect of that mess is that I’m savoring beautiful sounding live music.  

When I go to the Green Mill to hear some jazz, I can stand 15 ft from the performers and get a hit from this GIANT wall of sound. 

Or when I got the opportunity to record a local choir and hear 100 people singing their hearts out in a majestic harmony.  

It’s not harsh.  it’s not piercing.  it doesn’t make you wish you could stuff cotton in your ears.  

It’s warm and inviting.  The sound will caress your ears and ease your soul.  


If you bypass that looking for something else, well then your probably just chasing your tail headed right back to the beginning.  

It’s all good tho, it’s always better the next time around



* in case you didn’t know that’s most definitely high standard industry science terms for sure.  trust me.  i knew a guy once who said something



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